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Creator of A Confident Wordsmith Creating A Confident Wordsmith

Hello there, my name is Maria

I am a published historical fiction author, freelance copyeditor and proofreader, blogger, and self-professed wordsmith with a passion for rearranging, styling, and polishing words. 

/wərd smiTH/
1. a person who works with words especially: a skillful writer

I want to help you sharpen your own wordsmithing skills. I believe that every writer has the potential to become a bestselling author. All they need to do is focus on using their authentic voice, determination, and awesome writing talent, helped along by a little bit of technical knowledge and practical skills.

I am ready to help you with your writing journey, so you can share your stories with the world. Whether you some need inspiration, helpful tips and advice, or professional editing, I am there for you.