Professional Book Editing | Copy Editing and Proofreading

Are you a serious, motivated author who is ready to get your book out into the world? Do you have a book manuscript almost ready for publication that requires a little bit of polishing?

My name is Maria and I am here to help! I am a self-published author, copy editor, and proofreader with experience in editing several full-length book manuscripts. I am professionally trained as an editor and graduated with top marks. I am very meticulous with a keen eye for detail and a good story. 

You have done the hard work of writing your heart out on paper. Now, let me help you with the next part of the process by taking a close look at your work and helping you get it ready to publish. Don’t let a couple of typos or missing commas keep you out of the big leagues. You never know when a literary agent might be looking. 

I will remove all spelling, grammar, punctuation, and context mistakes within your text to make your writing look and sound professional, clear, and concise. 

I am very familiar with British, Canadian, and American spelling and grammar practices and use the fiction publication standard, Chicago Manual of Style as a guideline throughout my edits.

I offer line editing, copy editing, developmental editing, reviews and critiques, formatting, and proofreading. 

When you hire me, you will receive the following services:

  • Spelling corrections, including (misspelling and regional spelling issues)
  • Punctuation and grammar corrections
  • Replacing, adding, or removing words where necessary
  • Checking for and ensuring consistency with passive vs. active voice tone
  • Reviewing text for plot holes, inconsistencies, and redundancies 
  • Ensuring clarity and professionalism throughout the entire text

You will get a full, professional edit of whatever size and intensity you require, along with a style sheet and record of the changes made in the form of a separate document containing my notes and comments throughout the process. 

My goal is to make your writing say exactly what you mean so that your readers can easily immerse themselves into your story and experience the magic without distraction.

If you aren’t exactly sure what kind of editing your story requires, feel free to send me a message and I can help you discover what your manuscript needs and help you make it stand out among its competition.

Sound good to you?

If you are ready to level up your book, go ahead and get in touch with me. You can hire me to do an edit for you or find more information about the process on my gig on Fiverr.

Professional Book Formatting | Paperback and Ebook for Self-Publishing

Do you have a fully polished manuscript ready for independent publishing but still need it formatted for paperback and ebook publication?

I can help with that. I will use the Chicago Manual of Style standards to create a beautiful, functional, clean, and professional layout ready for publication on Amazon KDP.

When you hire me for your project, you will get:

  • Efficient, professional, and high-quality work
  • A file that is ready to publish immediately
  • Clean, sleek, modern design with custom options
  • Excellent customer support

What I will do to your manuscript:

  • Proper margin formatting & trim bleed size
  • Clickable table of contents and formatted page numbers
  • Clean title pages and chapter titles
  • Full copyright page with appropriate standard information
  • Properly formatted paragraphs and body text
  • Hyperlinks (if required)
  • Drop caps (if desired)
  • Embedded fonts
  • and more!

Finished products:

  • PDF for paperback
  • KFP and MOBI for Kindle ebook
  • EPUB for Apple

Sound good to you?

If you are ready to level up your book, go ahead and get in touch with me. You can hire me to do an edit for you or find more information about the process on my gig on Fiverr.