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Creating a Confident Wordsmith

A Confident Wordsmith was born in 2021 and its purpose is to help writers become confident wordsmiths.

/wərd smiTH/
1. a person who works with words especially: a skillful writer

This site was created to help writers gain skills, knowledge, and support about the writing, editing, and publishing aspects of the book creation process. 

Not sure where to find an idea, how to start your novel, what to do once you have a full first draft, how to do a developmental or line edit, whether to self-publish or get a literary agent? 

All of these questions have been asked by thousands of writers before. Through this site, it is my mission to help you answer those questions and navigate the exciting, though sometimes daunting process of becoming an author.

Creator of A Confident Wordsmith Creating A Confident Wordsmith

Hi there, My name is Maria

I am the creator of A Confident Wordsmith and I want to help you write with confidence!

I have loved writing ever since I learned the skill. Before that, I loved telling stories to my younger siblings. As I grew older, I took courses about writing and learned so many awesome tools and tactics that inspired me and enabled me to write full-length novels. 

I am so grateful for the skills and support that I received from those teachers and I would love nothing more than to pass those on to you. 

I can help you find an idea, direct you on how to get started with the writing process, or aid in the polishing process by editing, proofreading, or formatting your work.

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