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5 Elements of a Memorable Character | How to Make Your Readers Remember Your Characters

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5 Elements of a Memorable Character

Every writer strives to create memorable characters. They want their readers to remember them long after they have finished reading the book. Think about some of your favourite book or movie characters. I guarantee that those characters possess most, if not all, of the following elements.

What Makes a Character Memorable?

There are five main components or elements that make a character memorable. Those are:

  • Relatability

A reader is far more likely to remember a character that they can relate with. A character that they could imagine being for a day, a character that they can be sympathetic with, a character that has qualities that the reader can recognize in themselves.

  • Depth

Memorable characters have depth. They have a backstory, a past, a way they feel about a certain person or event. They have deep emotions and feelings for certain things and people and they have mysterious motivations with a deeper meaning behind them.

  • Unique Qualities

Unique qualities are a big part of creating a memorable character. These qualities could be anything from a certain way that the character always dresses, or the way that say a specific word oddly, or they have a snorty-sounding laugh, or they have a weird relationship with sandwiches. Really anything that sets a character apart from any other character or living person.

  • Passion or Motivation

If a character has no passion or motivation for anything, they are going to be flat, boring, and ultimately, forgettable. You want your characters to be passionate about something, have a motivation, strive for something, have a clear reason for getting out of bed every morning.

  • Flaws

It is super important to create flaws in characters, yes, even the good guys. If your character is perfect in every way and never struggles with anything, they are going to be flat and forgettable. Incorporating flaws into your characters leaves room for relatability and depth and as mentioned before those are both super important in creating memorable characters. Don’t be afraid to give your characters flaws, that’s what makes them loveable.

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