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Book Editing in Four Steps

Is your novel written and ready to be polished?

Why Invest in Editing Services

Are they really worth the money?

This is an excellent question, especially when services such as Grammarly or ProWritingAid exist. Is spending money on professional editing services worth it?

Editing services are an investment. They are a wonderful idea if:

  • You are planning on self-publishing
  • You run a professional website
  • You write ebooks or opt-ins to sell or give away
  • You plan on pitching your book to publishers or literary agents

Whether you have written a book, blog post, website copy, opt-in, or ebook, if you wish to appear professional and like you mean serious business, you may want to consider investing in professional editing services. You no doubt want to bring your message across to them and bring them the highest value possible. You don’t want your readers to be distracted by petty spelling or punctuation errors. You want them to read your work with ease and get your story across to them, whether literary or professional, fiction or nonfiction, in a clear, cohesive, consistent, and easy-to-consume way, right?

Editing services aren’t meant to change your work and highlight all your mistakes. Rather, editing services are there to help make your work shine and let your words give the impact that you intend.

When you invest in editing services, you will:

  • Appear more professional
  • Have more impact
  • Attract more clients or readers
  • Be more confident in your work
  • Increase your chances of getting published traditionally or getting a literary agent
  • Make you appear more serious and invested in your work

Why not just use Grammarly and ProWritingAid instead of hiring a professional editor?

While it might be tempting to save money by using one of these services, it has to be noted that are not human. They do not have human instinct and experience. While these services have come a long way and have been feed lots of data, they still do not match up to a professional editor. Often, these services can be great when used for simple spelling or grammar issues, but they still miss a vast majority of other issues which a professional editor might address and they do not assist in overall content issues such as plot holes, weak character development,  confusing dialogue, or incorrect factual information.

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I want to help you sharpen your own wordsmithing skills. I believe that every writer has the potential to become a bestselling author. All they need to do is focus on using their authentic voice, determination, and awesome writing talent, helped along by a little bit of technical knowledge and practical skills.

I am ready to help you with your writing journey, so you can share your stories with the world. Whether you some need inspiration, helpful tips and advice, or professional editing, I am there for you.